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Vascular Treatments

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Vascular Treatments by BBL Laser
Our BBL laser makes your skin look younger and healthier by eliminating or minimizing visible signs of rosacea, solar lentigines, detangiectasia, broken capillaries facial veins, ‘port wine stains’, engiomas/red spots, poikiloderma benign brown pigmentation and burn erythema benign pigmented lesion.

??Telangiectasia- derived from Latin, means “dilated end vessels.” Capillaries within the skin are invisible. Enlarged dilated capillaries form red and purple lines in the skin. This is caused by gradual wear- and tear injury, careless squeezing of black and white heads and by loss of surrounding collagen. Abnormal dilation may be associated with the medical condition Rosacea. Broken capillaries in superficial dermis are essentially dysfunctional and do not nourish the skin effectively. After proper treatment new normal size of capillaries re-grew and efficiently feed the skin.Vascular treatments will blocks the flow of the blood in these dysfunctional capillaries by coagulating a small segment of the vessel. The treated vessel than literally disappear. The effect of the treatment is evident immediately. The area may appear slightly swollen and pink for up to two to three days but the patient can return to normal activities right after the treatment. Avoiding strenuous exercise and exposure to the sun for few days after the treatment is highly recommended. Preventive treatment two to three times a year is suggested to minimize recurrence.