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Body Care with Lipomassage™ gives the ability to precisely target and treat only problem areas, whereas dieting often comes at the price of losing natural body curves. Targeted actions that address every unique objective – whether for beauty, slimming or anti-aging – anywhere on the body will show results with just six 35 minute treatments.

With 24 years of Lipomassage research, recent clinical studies show a 70% activation of lipolysis (elimination of fat), 240% activation of collagen production (firmness of the skin), and 160% activation of elastin production. Research conducted by Professor Max Lafontan reveals fat cells of the femoral region typically store more fat than they eliminate. Lipomassage radically increases the body’s natural fat break down, nearly doubling the elimination of this localized fat.

The treatment program starts with an assessment to help determine the most appropriate treatment. A specialist will ask questions and a first photographic evaluation will be carried out marking the excess volumes of fatty areas on the body. The next step is the treatment procedure where clients put on an Endermowear body outfit that enhances tissular grab and settle on the treatment table for 35 minutes of relaxation while the Ergodrive head does the work. Lastly, the Lipomassage program monitors results by taking several assessments. At the end of the program, optimization sessions once a month will consolidate and maintain results acquired.

Body Care with Lipomassage
1-Targets skin aging, fat storage, cellulite, and lost shape of the face.
2-Smooth Cellulite by stimulating and softening fatty cells and the lymphatic system to remove toxics and water retention under the skin.
3-Re-sculpt the figure by precisely reshaping specific areas for volume rebalancing to restore the body’s ideal shape.
4-Firms the skin by stimulating fiber blasts and activation of Collagen and Elastine.
5-Slim down fat cells by accelerating lipolysis=70%.

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