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Laser Hair Removal

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LightSheer Laser Hair Removal

With the recent addition of the LightSheer Laser Machine, Total Care by Silde is offering several laser hair removal packages at reduced prices, which you can view on our Special Packages page.

The Small Body Area package includes laser hair removal for areas such as the upper lip, underarms and bikini line, whereas the Large Body Area package targets the chest, back and lower legs. The state-of-the-art LightSheer Laser machine makes body hair disappear quickly and painlessly for the long term.

Silde recommends coming in for a free consultation prior to purchasing a package. Silde will give the special to those who book for this consultation until the end of the month even thought the deal is just for one week.

She says, “I want people to take advantage of the laser hair removal service, which I am offering at such a low price.”

Silde offers many other treatments to suit all of her clients needs, including lipomassage, hair removal electrolysis, waxing hair removal, eye treatments and oxygen face treatments. She provides a unique, intimate environment for her clients with personalized care.

Safe and effective for all skin types, our advanced LightSheer diode laser system eliminates unwanted body hair quickly and comfortably. It’s focused laser treatments heat targeted hairs and impair the ability of individual follicles to re-grow. While older laser systems were sometimes known to cause uncomfortable heating of the skin, our LightSheer diode laser’s special cooling hand piece soothes you before, during and after treatment—allowing even the most sensitive skin to be treated.

The LightSheer Laser hair removal machine was the first laser hair-removal system to gain the US FDA approval for its quality and safety. The machine is widely used throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. The treatment is suitable for any skin type and is quick and convenient. Treatments can take between five and 30 minutes depending on the specific hair removal being completed.

Total Beauty Care by Silde is offering a promotional package for the new treatment. Packages include three or more services with the LightSheer Laser Machine for 30 percent off and higher. Clients can receive a free consultation from Silde and then book can book the package best suited for their laser hair removal needs.

Silde provides a unique, intimate environment for her clients. Clients receive personalized care through state-of-the-art beauty treatments. Silde offers many treatments to suit all of her clients need such as lipomassage, hair removal electrolysis, waxing hair removal, eye treatments and oxygen face treatments,

For more information about packages and pricing, visit our packages page. You can also find Total Beauty Care by Silde on facebook.

What makes the Sheer Light laser system different?
Our system uses the deepest-penetrating wavelength of laser to reach hair roots as much as 4-6 mm below the skin surface. Its 1064-nanometer wavelength can treat safely and effectively all people, even those with tanned, very dark or black skin. It also allows us to change the settings in a finely controlled way to treat hair different thicknesses. Its special chill plate feature soothes the skin.