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Infusion Treatment

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What is Infusion Treatments

What is Infusion?

Infusion™ Electro-mesotherapy is the safe, needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy.
It offers all the benefits of mesotherapy with none of the risks. Infusion revitalizes the skin with enriching solutions that leave it feeling supple, refreshed and radiant. Based on the well established science of electroporation.Infusion™ maximizes cell permeability and absorption,enhancing the overall appearance of the face and body. Designed for aesthetic professionals, Infusion™ offers the perfect, noninvasive solution to a wide variety of cosmetic conditions and significantly expands treatment options with aesthetic mainstays, such as:

a) Acne, Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction
b) Collagen regeneration
c) Skin re-hydration
d) Skin firming and toning
e) Body sculpting and cellulite reduction
f) Stretch-mark reduction

Packages of 5 weekly sessions are recommended for optimum results.
Even better results after a cure of 6 micro-dermabrasion

“New”Viora Infusion Treatments:
Viora Infusion for the face
Collagen Infusion – $150
Anti-wrinkle Infusion – $150
Lift and Hydration – $150

Viora Infusion treatments for the body
Stretch marks & Skin tightening
Charges will vary according to the areas to be treated