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Electrolysis is ideal for removing hair (including red, gray, blond and light-coloured) from small areas.
$98/hour ($30 minimum charge for 15 min.)

Electrolysis is a hair removal process ideally suited to treating small areas and effective for all types of hair including light-colored and gray hairs, which cannot be removed by laser. In electrolysis, a needle is inserted into the hair follicle; when it reaches the hair root, the aesthetician activates a small electrical charge, which neutralizes the hair root. The hair is then removed with tweezers. A typical course of treatment may involve multiple visits to ensure the comfortable and complete removal of all unwanted hair.

What causes excess hair?

The most common cause of excess hair in both men and women is an over abundance of (or over sensitivity to) male-type hormones, known collectively as androgens. In women, androgens are produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands, which are attached to the kidneys. In most cases the female hormone, estrogen, counterbalances the effect of androgens resulting in hair growth. However many factors including stress, puberty pregnancy, menopause disease and drugs can tip the scale and start hair growth in undesirable areas such as the upper lip, chin, cheeks breasts and stomach.

Who needs Electrolysis?

Many women and men see an electrologist for purely aesthetic reasons. Women have their eyebrows permanently shaped or bikini line cleared. Men often want their beard line contoured, hair removed between their eyebrows. This is popular among executives who want to look their best at work, but for many people, excess hair is serious problem that adversely affects every aspect of their lives. Often they suffer for years, combating excess hair with temporary removal until they find professional help. Uncontrollable hair growth could be triggered by serious abnormality in the endocrine system. Menopause, Irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian disorders; such as Polycistic Ovarian syndrome and Thyroid abnormalities. Physicians are aware of Electrology and they highly recommend it to their patients.

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