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Acne Treatments

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“New” Oxygen Acne Treatments
– Promotes healthy skin
– Gives instant Glow
– Offers multiple solutions for oily or dry skin
– Responds to the ever-growing need to nourish sensitive or post op skin.
– Rosacea and coupe rose skin

BBL Laser Acne Treatments
Lasers can get to the heart of acne lesions to destroy the bacteria that cause acne—painlessly, and with faster healing of the skin afterward. The duration and frequency of treatment depend on your particular needs. This ‘phototherapy’ approach is best for mild to severe inflammatory acne, and for treating the redness associated with mild to moderate acne and cystic acne.
For best results for the above treatments we suggest 4 to 6 treatments

Diamond Micro-dermabrasion Peeling
A safe treatment for face and body, virtually painless with no downtime
Hygienic and hypoallergenic, visible results from the very first treatment
Treats acne, oily, dry skin and refines enlarged pores

Additional Acne Treatments:
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